Rose Gold Hair Jewelry

Rose gold hair jewelry pieces are delicate and have a subtle pop of pink color.

Rose gold hair jewelry will stand out with darker hair colors (brunette or black hair).

Whereas blonde and red heads the rose gold will almost melt into the hair. The color is ever so slight, yet stunningly beautiful.

Rose Gold Hair Vine with Silver Leaves

Rose gold hair vine with silver leaves is a long hair piece that can be worn in the front or the back of the head.

Rose gold hair vine with silver leaves is a handmade hair piece with clear Swarovski crystals, white freshwater pearls, silver leaves and is intertwined with rose gold wire.

It’s a movable and bendable hair piece that is versatile, and can easily be positioned into your hairstyle.

Bobby pins are used to secure the rose gold hair piece at either end of the head piece to fasten it into your hairstyle.

Rose gold hair vine with silver leaves is best used for half up half down hairstyles.

west coast jewelry hair vine
Emily Kuang Photography

Simple Rose Gold Hair Pins

Simple rose gold hair pins are pins that can be used with an updo, or a half up half down hairstyle.

Simple rose gold hair pins need a bun to be pressed into, or a braid, so they can have something to hold onto within the hairstyle.

Rose gold hair pins are made with rose gold Swarovski crystals, and rose gold freshwater pearls.

Simple Rose Gold Pearl Hair Pins

Rose Gold Hair Pins

Rose gold hair pins are hair pins that can be used with an updo, or a half up half down hairstyle.

Intricate rose gold hair pins work well at the back of the hairstyle, or off to the side of the head.

Rose gold hair pins are made with rose gold Swarovski crystals, and varying sizes of rose gold freshwater pearls.

rose gold hair pieces

Rose Gold Hair Vine

Rose gold hair vine is a hair piece that can be used at the front has a head band placement, or at the back.

A smaller version of the rose gold hair vine would work better on the side of the hairstyle. A half up half down, or down hairstyle would be best for this particular hair piece.

rose gold hair jewelry

Rustic Buffalo Plaid Wedding Ideas

Rustic weddings are one of the biggest trends in modern weddings. A Buffalo plaid wedding is going a bit further with the western style party decorations, with a focus of red and black colors.

How do you decorate for a rustic wedding?

  • burlap and lace wrapped holders for flowers or candle holders
  • burlap table runner
  • adding twine to cutlery settings
  • baby’s breath or cedar bows for flower centerpieces or wall decorations
  • burlap Mr & Mrs signs for the back of the bride and groom chairs
  • wooden arch made with drift wood
  • wedding in a barn
  • adding a lantern to the cake table
  • antlers on the arch or head table

What do you wear to a rustic wedding?

  • it depends on the venue
  • does the invitation have specified attire
  • wear something more formal if you’re unsure – an ironed button up shirt and dark pants
  • add a bow tie or suspenders
  • ask the bride for confirmation on attire

What does having a rustic wedding mean?

A rustic is one that is focused on a country theme – barn, wood, lace, twine, cedar, outdoorsy. Greenery is used throughout the venue to make it more of a woodland feel to it. It looks down to earth, not overdone with sparkles. There could be pottery, mason jars, and wood rounds used for decorations.

How to plan a rustic wedding?

  • venue in a barn or outdoors
  • decorations – woodland/outdoorsy
  • flowers – greenery, neutral colors – white/beige
  • candles – in mason jars
  • flowers down the aisle – in mason jars
  • lights – string lights for the ceiling or fairy lights in a mason jar on the tables
  • archway – wooden, handmade with drift wood, covered with greenery or white flowers
  • signs – made with burlap, slate, canvas
  • red/black napkins
  • pine cone name holders
  • gold candle holders
  • wood round place mats
  • twine wrapped menus
  • black and red wedding invitations
  • greenery boutonniere
  • red and black tie
  • wood round ring holder wrapped with twine holding the initials of the bride and groom
  • lace tablecloths

We were published for a second time in Rocky Mountain Bride for this photoshoot!!

I can’t thank Leanne Sim enough for including us in her vision to bring this all together!!

Thank you to all of the incredibly talented vendors!!

Leanne Sim, Photographer

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Hair and Make-up
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Wooden Ring Holder
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Engagement Couple Photoshoot Ideas

Engagement couple photoshoots are a great way to learn how to relax and enjoy yourself in front of the camera with your partner. It should take away any jitters or unease about being in front of a camera. On your wedding day, you want to be completely comfortable with being in front a camera and acting natural.

Where should you have your engagement photos taken?

Have your engagement photos taken in a location that is memorable for the two of you.

  • where you had your first date
  • where you got engaged
  • your favorite park to walk in

When should you have your engagement photos taken?

You should have your engagement photos taken within 1-3 months of getting engaged.

What is the point of engagement photos?

Engagement photos are a time to celebrate! It’s the calm before the storm. Getting engaged is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will have in your life. It’s no stress, just a fun time! It captures your excitement for the new chapter in your life where you are committing your life to your partner. Your partner is someone who is going to stand by you, no matter what life throws at you. When the wedding planning begins, that’s when you can easily become overwhelmed and stressed.

Why do people get engaged?

Getting engaged to someone is committing your life to them. You are showing your commitment to planning your wedding, and then planning out your new life with them. You’ll have bigger conversations with your partner – asking them where they see themselves, and their hopes and dreams to achieve. You’ll have someone in your corner to help you with those goals and aspirations. People change over their lifetime, so you have to be prepared to take on whoever your partner becomes. When you say “yes” you are saying yes to who your partner evolves to over the years. In order to get married, you do need to “get engaged” first. You don’t need to get engaged with a ring per say. To get married, you need to plan ahead. You’ll need a minister or an officiant and a marriage license to commit to each other and get married officially.

How long should you be together before getting engaged?

It really depends on the couple. This is more of a personal choice. It could be anywhere from 6 months to 2-5 years on average.

Do you get individual photos during an engagement photoshoot?

Yes. Both of you will get a few photos of yourself during your photoshoot.

This was published in Rocky Mountain Bride for our collaboration with Leanne Sim Photography.

Thank you to all of the vendors for collaborating with this photoshoot!


Leanne Sim Photography.


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Hair by Mattia Abrams

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